by Donna M. Airoldi | January 25, 2011

Even though Tivoli Audio announced its new iPod dock product last spring, it finally hit the market in December and will soon be available for inclusion in incentive merchandise programs.

The Connector is an Apple-certified iPod dock created to work seamlessly with virtually any audio and video system. Offering high technology and a sleek design, it charges and plays iPods and iPhones, features a back support for the iPod for safety, and comes with nine choices of adapters to ensure a solid fit for all models.

With The Connector, users can play music from their iPods or iPhones through their stereos—even if they are not Tivoli stereos—and play movies from their iPods on their TVs using The Connector's S-Video output.

The nifty device also allows iPhone users to answer calls and play music at the same time, and keeps iPods or iPhones charged. The remote controls volume, track selection, and playlist selection.

The Connector is offered in six finishes: Light Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Cherry, Walnut, Midnight Black, and Frost White. It retails for $124.99.

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