by Leo Jakobson | May 19, 2014
Tivoli Audio has introduced several new models this month, including a clock radio with a customizable cabinet and a portable stereo that has a slip-on, slip-off cabinet.

Like all of the products released in the past few years by the Boston-based maker of high-end bookshelf music systems and table radios, the Albergo AM/FM Clock Radio and Music System Three Portable Hi-Fi System uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect with music sources ranging from computers to smartphones. The company also unveiled new Bluetooth versions of several of its existing models, including the flagship Music System BT; Music System Two BT; and the System Three BT clock radio.

Tivoli can work with incentive and corporate sales clients to customize its products with logos and colors, a process that should be made easier with Albergo’s customizable cabinets, all of which can be changed out in a couple of minutes. The optional, handcrafted Italian cabinets, which cover the top, bottom and sides, will be available by late summer in 16 furniture-grade woods, fabrics, and leathers; the company expects to have more than 100 choices available by the holiday season. The Albergo itself comes in five different colors: white, graphite, gloss red, gloss blue, and gloss green.

“We try to bring really high performance products, but also products you’d like to live with,” says Tom DeVesto, founder and CEO of Tivoli Audio. “You can design [the Albergo] to fit your décor, and you can change your mind.”

The Albergo is the consumer version of a clock-radio system originally designed for and marketed to upscale and design-focused boutique hotels. It uses the same three-inch speaker as Tivoli Audio’s bestselling Model One table radio for excellent sound quality in a small package. An optional, matching stereo speaker is available separately. As well as Bluetooth, the Albergo has an auxiliary input and stereo headphone outlet.

The Albergo is designed to be very easy to set up and use, even giving “hints” on screen while changing settings. The screen is big enough to display the metadata hat accompanies streaming music, such as artist and song name.

The Albergo itself retails for $249.99. The matching stereo speaker (available in white and graphite) is $124.99. The cabinets will sell for $60 - $100 each.  

The Music System Three Portable Hi-Fi System offers great sound from a pair of three-inch stereo speakers, and features a built-in handle and rechargeable lithium batteries rated for 20 hours of playback at 70 percent volume, DeVesto says. Slip-on, slip-off cabinets similar in design to the Albergo’s covers will also be available separately in walnut, cherry, and black ash veneer. The hardware is all composed of stainless steel for durability.