by Joe Henry | December 20, 2016

You don't need another television, but you sure want one. Move the old 45-inch into the basement and replace it with something in the 55-inch or, even better, the 60-inch range.

And every year brings new enhancements to TVs. Something you didn't know you wanted, but now you absolutely must have. While some of these technological wonders don't take off (3D, anyone?) others, like 4K and internet-connected TVs, remain very much in demand. The latest is High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4K -- or Super HDR -- a step up from the "old" 4K.

The big first world problem, however, is which one to choose? Largely, it depends on what you -- and your top performers -- want.

If your aim is perfect picture quality, consider an OLED television. There's absolutely no comparison between the picture quality from LED or LCD TVs, which are backlit. So darks and lights are created by turning on or off the diodes that create the picture onscreen.

OLED TVs don't work this way, and therefore create stunning contrasts and colors. So OLEDs retain a level of precision in the subtlety of the lighting and the colors that can't be mimicked by standard LED or LDC TVs. Incentive Concepts offers a 55-inch OLED TV from LG's B6 series.  

While the technology itself has been around a few years, its biggest issue is its prohibitively high price point -- which of course makes it a spectacular redemption item.

OLEDs aren't the be-all and end-all when it comes to televisions with great pictures, though. Standard 4K displays -- that is, screens with a resolution of approximately 3,840 x 2,160 pixels -- have been popular for a while. Also called Ultra High-Definition (UHD), these TVs give you an incredible amount of detail even up close. In fact, that's one of the main draws with 4K: the ability to practically kiss the screen without suffering through an image degraded through pixelation.  

One great option: Samsung's 65-inch 4K Smart SUHD LED TV, which has quantum dot technology and is available through Rymax Incentive Marketing. Quantum dot TVs are LEDs with a thin layer of crystals between the backlight responsible for the picture and the display. Basically, it's designed to improve color quality without adding more pixels.

This TV is also connected, and allows users with an Internet connection to select and stream online content. Moreover, it has Smart Remote controls which allows users to control other connected household devices, and it's compatible with the Smart View App, which awardees can download onto their mobile device and watch TV content there.

Another smart 4K option is Sony's 55" X850D (pictured), available from Premco Associates. The X850D runs on Google's Android platform, a very well-reviewed interface, which hooks directly into the Google Play store, allowing users to seamlessly download apps and games to run on their television. And as with anything associated with Google, Sony's X850D also has a powerful, voice-enabled search system.