by Joe Henry | March 28, 2017
Your home is your fortress. The place where you want to feel most safe and secure. Fortunately there's a category of cool new electronics designed to give you peace of mind whether you're in your home or away from it.

In fact, especially when you're away from it -- which is why home security cameras are such a hot market these days. Unfortunately, there are so many camera brands that it's difficult to choose which one works best for you. Google Nest is a popular option, but it's important not to overlook all the other great devices available.

ALLie, for instance, has a 360 Degree spherical camera (pictured above), making it super easy for users to monitor the entire room all from an app. Unlike some security cameras which can be a bear to set up, ALLie's 360 Degree Video Camera, available in black or white, is a snap to install. It also features a two-way mic, meaning you can talk to whoever is in the room you're monitoring.

So if you want to observe a whole room without having to buy three cameras, this is a great choice.

Additionally, ALLie offers local storage in case you don't want to pay a monthly subscription fee to store video. A cloud storage option, however, is available. Capitol Sales began offering ALLie's cameras late last year.

Another great, easy-to-use option is the Kidde RemoteLync Home Security Camera, available through Top Brands. This is a superb choice if you happen to be averse to the clutter of wires. That's right: the RemoteLync is wireless, can be mounted just about anywhere. It also can be controlled with an app, has motion detection, and customizable alarms. 

If you happen to be linking these cameras to other smart home appliances however, you'll probably want everything to work in harmony. Fortunately last year, URC unveiled MX HomePro, a cloud-based smart home control system, recently made available through Capitol Sales.

The MX HomePro enables smooth, seamless control over a host of Internet of Things electronics -- including lighting, sound systems, security cams, and home entertainment. In other words, command your entire house with one touch. With the MX HomePro package, you get the control device and the smart hub as well as a mobile app which lets you command systems via your smartphone, in case you want to do so remotely. And like the other home electronics in this article, MX HomePro is specifically designed to be easy to install and use. 

Of course, protecting your home and its physical possessions isn't the only type of safety to consider. There's aso the air you breathe.

Rowenta's PU6020 Intense Pure Air, available through 20/20 Special Markets, claims to filter 99.97% of indoor pollution. It pre-filters human and animal hair, has a carbon filter for odors, and a HEPA filter captures airborne allergens. It's also designed to be quiet -- so perfect to use while you're sleeping.

Another choice is the Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier, available through Rymax Marketing Services. The Blueair Sense+ purifies rooms up to 194 square feet. It's smartphone controlled, and the accompanying app can let you control airflow speed and calibrate its performance.