by Joe Henry | January 16, 2018
Many people usher in the New Year with resolve to get out more and exercise. Others, however, realize that it's blisteringly cold out and perhaps it's better to optimize their indoor surroundings. And what better way to do so than to complete a home theater system with the best sound the market has to offer? Fortunately, incentive merchants have a wealth of premium products to offer. 

Rymax has a bunch of Sonos bundles, including a 5.1 surround sound bundle that can complete your home theater system. The bundle includes a subwoofer to generate some seriously dramatic bass, two PLAY:1 speakers, and the Sonos PLAYBAR -- a two-in-one system that acts both as a soundbar to enable theatrical sound from a television, as well as a speaker that can stream music over Wi-Fi (pictured).

In addition, the PLAY:1 speakers can be either paired, or work individually. And it can be voice controlled through an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Of course, each of these items is also available a la carte.

Another great bundle, available through Capitol Sales, is the Yamaha YSP-3300 digital sound projector. The bundle includes a thin soundbar and a wireless subwoofer, designed to deliver explosive 7.1-channel surround sound.

The soundbar has 16 array speakers to deliver clear, superior sound quality -- and has an aluminum body to dampen vibrations. And the subwoofer is designed to produce powerful bass while reducing extra noise. And the YSP-3300 has a transmitter enabling users to stream their music wirelessly from their devices.

Finally, each piece is sleekly designed, so it can be placed anywhere in the living room and still look fantastic. It's a design meant to present an aura of complete luxury.

For a truly premium experience, check out Artison's 55" Studio Series soundbar, available through special order from Capitol Sales. Artison's soundbars are designed to be integrated into an existing entertainment system. So it can installed so cleanly beneath a TV, it will seem like part of the television set -- and its super thin profile makes the Artison soundbar blend in with even the flattest of flat screens.

Artison is a brand renowned for quality. Its soundbar has sidespeakers, allowing a full range of sound, and its quality is such that it will pick up on all sorts of audio nuances that other speakers will miss. Wiring is also easy, as all inputs are located in the rear.