by Leo Jakobson | November 17, 2015
Sony's a6000 digital cameras offers exceptional speed in a very small package.

Palm-size and weighing in at around 12 ounces, the a6000 is able to focus in as little as 0.06 seconds -- faster than the autofocus of a DSLR. It is able to offer burst shooting of 11 frames per second of on a moving subject.

There are several reasons it is able to work this fast, beginning of course with the auto-focus system itself. The a6000 uses "Hybrid AF" which is basically a combination of two older autofocus technologies. Most digital cameras use an autofocus system based on either contrast detection, which works off the main image sensor and is simpler, or phase detection, which relies on a dedicated optical sensor and is both more precise and more complex. Hybrid AF is a combination of the two. 

The Hybrid AF relies on 179 autofocus sensors embedded in the a6000's 24 megapixel APS-C size sensor, which is 13 times the size of a typical sensor in a compact digital camera.

Then there is processor technology fast enough to keep up, thanks to the BIONZ X processing engine, and faster motors for the interchangeable E-Mount Carl Zeiss lenses. It is also capable of amazing low-light images, up to 25600 ISO. 

The 0.4-inch digital viewfinder uses an OLED screen - the same technology used in the highest of high-end 4K ultra high-definition TVs - and there is a 3-inch TFT LCD tiltable viewscreen.

The a6000 can shot full HD video at up to 60p. Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and NFC communication is available, and an app provides remote control via smartphone. 

The Sony a6000 starts at a suggested retail price of $649 with a 16 - 50 mm zoom lens. Visit Sony Premium Incentive Sales for more information.