by Leo Jakobson | November 19, 2013
Sony has introduced a pair of new premium, over-the-ear headphones, one offering noise canceling technology and the other easier wireless connection to smartphones and tablets.

Both share a dedicated 40mm HD driver unit, delivering a wider frequency range with a balanced, highly accurate reproduction of today’s up-front vocals, mid-range details, as well as rich, powerful lows and extended highs, the company says. They also share design details focused on producing accurately and fully the sub-bass range that is critical to today's music, according to Sony engineers and Sony Music Entertainment's artist. There's also a high-definition driver for high-resolution music.

The MDR-10RNC noise-canceling headphones automatically selects one of three modes -- airplane, train, or office -- based on its analysis of the ambient noise, canceling out up to 99.4 percent of that noise. Sony says the MDR-10RNC's battery life is about 20 hours, and it will operate as regular headphones without power.

The MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headphones use the NFC wireless technology that many smartphones are starting to incorporate to allow users to bypass the traditional "pairing" of a Bluetooth device and music player, instead allowing users to simply tap an iOS or Android device against the headphones and start listening. Traditional Bluetooth pairing is also available. The MDR-10RBT comes with a detachable audio cable which allows it to be used as a standard, wired headset without the battery -- which lasts about 17 hours, Sony says.

The noise-canceling MDR-10RNC headphones retail for $269.99 and the wireless MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headphones for $249.99. They are available in black or white.

For more information contact Sony Premium Incentive Sales.