by Joe Henry | May 15, 2018
A smart home might have a connected TV, speakers, and refrigerator, but how smart can it be if it doesn't secure itself and its occupants? Or if all that power use turns it into a gigantic energy suck? But smart homes are daunting - where should one start? It's intimidating connecting things that didn't used to be connected. 

Fortunately, incentive merchants bundle products, so the not-so-tech-savvy aren't forced to buy a doorbell here, a speaker there, and hope it somehow will work together. 

Take Power Sales' Three Piece Starter Kit, which includes an indoor camera, a smart LED bulb, and a smart plug -- all three items from Supersonic. The indoor security camera monitors all day every day, with crisp views even in the dark. It also has a built-in mic and speakers allowing two-way audio, so users can speak to whomever the camera is watching. And it stores its footage on a MicroSD card that can accommodate up to 128GB. 

Also in the bundle is a Smart LED bulb that can change colors, allowing users to set the perfect mood.

Finally, a smart plug lets users control appliances no matter where they are, so if you've forgotten to turn off the coffee maker while you're on the bus commute, you can do it easily from your Android or iOS device. 

And while you're away, arm the house with the Google Nest secure alarm system starter pack, from Capitol Sales. This user-friendly system comes with a keypad, siren and motion sensor. And it can be armed or disarmed simply via app. The bundle includes one Nest Guard and two sensors - plus all the equipment you need to mount it and get it up and guarding.

Capitol Sales also has a Nest Doorbell kit, which includes the Hello Video Doorbell, so you'll always be able to see who's knocking in clear HD video. And the bundle also has the Google Home mini voice activated speaker -- so if you want to have a polite conversation behind closed doors, that's definitely an option.

And if you're more an Amazon fan, there's the Ring Video Doorbell contractor pack, also from Capitol Sales. It comes with two video doorbells and two Chime for Video Doorbells. The former lets users monitor who's standing outside from their phone, tablet or PC. And the Chime plugs into any outlet in the house, so you know when someone is at the door ringing the bell.