by Joe Henry | September 24, 2017

Americans love their home theater systems, but instead of going for the largest television, why not step it up a notch and install a projector? Projectors have become increasingly in vogue for serious cinema enthusiasts as they're easy to install and can replicate a true theater experience much more effectively that even the largest flat screen television. Projectors do however have certain requisites -- notably a large room where lighting can be very precisely controlled, a great home theater sound system, and a good projection screen to create the best possible image.

But first, you need to find a great projector. And if you're looking to reward your best employees with a great device, incentive suppliers have plenty of options.

At the highest end is the Sony 4K SXRD Short Throw Projector Black. Short throw projectors, as the name implies, are meant to be installed close to the screen they're projecting on. They tend to be pricier than long throw projectors, but are ideal for smaller rooms. The Sony 4K SXRD projector is premium, however, because it's designed to create a much crisper picture than one would expect from a projector. It uses high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to create greater contrast and color range, for a far superior picture.

Sony 4K SXRD Short Throw Projector

It's also a laser projector. By contrast, the more traditional lamp based projectors need to have their light sources replaced more frequently, as they burn out, especially if turned up high. Sony boasts that the laser light technology in its 4K SXRD projector can blast for 20,000 hours straight, and requires hardly any maintenance.

Another high-end option is the recently-released BenQ HT8050, a lamp based projector that's 2,200 lumens -- so expect a big, bright image. It's currently one of the sharpest projectors available -- and while the resolution isn't as high as the Sony 4K (which is also three times the price), it has one of the crispest images available among competitive home projector systems.

Both the BenQ and Sony are available through Capitol Sales.

If you need something a little more portable, check out Brookstone's 100 Lumens Mobile Wireless Projector from Harco Incentives. This device is all about versatility. It's pocket-sized yet projects a screen up to 80 inches, and it plugs easily into your phone, tablet, laptop, or gaming console. That means once you're done with your business presentation, you can start using it to wipe up the competition in a pick-up battleground, even from the road. This one can be had through Harco Incentives.

If you want a compact laser projector, there's the UO Smart Beam device available through Power Sales. Like the Brookstone, this one also is about 100 lumens, but it can project a screen size that is near twice as large -- up to 150 inches.