by Leo Jakobson | September 17, 2012

The NOOK line includes two monochrome e-readers and two color tablets, all of which give users access to more than 2.5 million books and magazines, including public library rentals, via Wi-Fi. NOOK Color and Nook Tablet features the ability to stream music and video, access email and the Web, and download hundreds of available apps, such as Angry Birds, Pandora, and Epicurious. 

The NOOK Simple Touch has a six-inch touchscreen, ultra-sharp e-ink, and a long-life battery. The new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight is specifically designed for reading in bed without disturbing a partner. The GlowLight’s six-inch touchscreen can be turned off for normal daytime use. 

The NOOK Color has a seven-inch touchscreen, an eight-hour battery life, can access Netflix streaming videos (a subscription is required), and has eight GB of memory, expandable via an SD card slot. Its Web browser supports Flash content. The top-of-the-line NOOK Tablet has a seven-inch touchscreen and an 11.5-hour battery, eight or 16 GB of memory (and an SD card expansion slot), and the ability to stream music and video from a variety of sources.

“NOOK e-readers and tablets combine innovative features with a lightweight design and easy-to-use customer experience to make reading fun and engaging, no matter where your travels take you,” says Noah Lapine, president of Lapine, Inc. “In addition, NOOK units include the ability to customize individual units, making them the perfect solution for consumer reward or incentive programs.”

The NOOK line’s retail prices range from $99 to $199.