by Leo Jakobson | December 03, 2012
The newest member of the Kindle family of e-readers is proving the most popular yet. The Kindle Paperwhite has been winning rave reviews for a clearer and sharper screen, front lighting, and optional free 3G wireless connectivity.

The screen of the black-and-white e-reader has 62 percent more pixels and 25percent higher contrast — making it even better in the sunlight — and the adjustable lighting enables the user to read in low-light conditions like a darkened bedroom without disturbing others. And that eight weeks reading time claim is with the front lighting on, not off. Text size is adjustable and there are six newly tweaked fonts.

There are two models, the $119 Kindle Paperwhite, and the $139 Kindle Paperwhite 3G. The difference is that the 3G version comes with free wireless connectivity (paid for by Amazon) in more than 100 countries. Both have Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Each can hold around 1,100 books. Like all Kindles, it has access to 180,000 Kindle-exclusive book titles, more than one million priced at $9.99 or less.