by Leo Jakobson | September 24, 2013
Nikon 1 high
 New lenses make professional-level results obtainable for the Average Joe

Digital cameras are getting smaller, faster, cheaper, and more powerful. Features like full high-definition (HD) video are becoming standard and even interchangeable lenses, until recently the purview of pro-level digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, are becoming a fixture in some point-and-shoot models. Here are four cameras that let you choose your own lenses. 

Sleek by Sony
Sony’s NEX-5T digital camera combines a very compact design with the high performance afforded by an interchangeable lens system. It has a 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor chip equal in size to those found on SLRs, an included 16-50 mm motorized zoom lens that is only 1.2 inches wide when retracted, and features an optical image stabilization system. It shoots full 1080-pixel HD video, has Wi-Fi, can wirelessly connect with smartphones and tablets, and has the ability to upload apps with a variety of effects. $549.99,

Nice by Nikon
The Nikon 1 J3’s ultra-slim body combines with an interchangeable 10-30 mm zoom lens in an extremely fast, compact, and high-powered digital camera. Features of this camera include Wi-Fi connectivity, full 1080-pixel HD video, excellent low-light performance, and up to 15 frames per second on burst mode. It is available in a variety of five different colors. $599.95,

Fun by Fujifilm
Fujifilm’s X-M1 compact system camera combines modern digital photography abilities with classic styling in a lightweight, high-powered package. It comes with an interchangeable 24-76 mm wide-angle zoom lens; a high-end 16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, and fast, advanced processing features. A Wi-Fi button offers easy transfer of images to smartphones, and a three-inch high-resolution tilt screen makes viewing easy. $699,

Cool by Canon
Shutterbugs looking to get serious should step up to the Canon Rebel T3i, an entry-level digital SLR with high-end performance and easy-to-use programming, full 1080-pixel HD video, and a three-inch swivel liquid-crystal display, as well as far more lens options than the point-and-shoot models. This kit comes with an 18-55 mm lens. $599.99,