by Leo Jakobson | December 09, 2015
Continuing its embrace of Bluetooth wireless technology, high-end audio firm Bowers & Wilkins has reengineered and relaunched its iconic Zeppelin stereo speaker.

Visually, the new Zeppelin Wireless eschews the iPhone/iPod dock while leaving the simple yet elegant silhouette intact. But inside, everything has changed to the point that it is essentially a new product, according to a company representative. 

The pair of 1-inch Double Dome tweeters are the same units used in Bowers & Wilkins' 600 and CM Series speakers. There are also two new 3.5-inch Kevlar Fixed Suspension Transducer drivers for the midrange and a 6.5-inch long throw subwoofer, all in a substantially stronger and thicker cabinet to help keep the unit vibration-free. The digital signal processing is twice as powerful, the inputs are up-sampled by an audiophile-quality digital-to-analog converter, and each of the five drivers has its own amplifier -- 25 watts each for the tweeters and midrange, and 50 watts for the subwoofer. 

The Zeppelin Wireless connects to both Apple iOS and Google Android devices via Bluetooth AptX, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect. It is easy to connect and easy to control from a user-friendly Control App.

Celebrating its 5oth anniversary next year, the British firm known for producing the speakers used in top recording studios such as Abbey Road, as well as Maserati and BMW 7 Series automobiles, only recently decided that Bluetooth technology has improved to the point where it is capable of producing music up to its standards. 

The Zeppelin Wireless has a suggested retail price of $699.99. For more information, contact [email protected].