by Joe Henry | October 03, 2017

A great home theater experience is as much auditory as it is visual. What's the points of splurging on an ultra high definition screen -- or an even-higher-end projector -- if you're going to let weak, tinny sound seep out of a mediocre speaker system. With all the great offerings from incentive merchants, employers can offer their star employees the chance for a significant upgrade.

And better yet, so many incentive merchants offer bundles so there's no need to piecemeal together a bunch of different components and hope that they work together.

Yamaha's 5.1 Channel Home Theater in a Box system, available through Power Sales, is an all-encompassing set that includes Bluetooth support for streaming music, 4K Ultra HD pass-through, as well as virtual CINEMA FRONT featuring surround sound with 5 front speakers.

The sound system automatically optimizes sound performance based on the environment. It also has a compact speaker system and a 100-Watt powered subwoofer. It's the perfect gift for employees who want to get up and running quickly because, let's face it, installing a home theater system can be complicated.


Sony NT3 soundbar

Sony Premium Incentive Sales  offers the NT3 soundbar, a highly versatile product that is meant to work just as well for music as it does for movies. It has immediate compatibility with Google Chromecast and it supports services like Spotify -- which it can stream directly rather than through Bluetooth to create a superior audio experience.

Incentive Concepts offers an attractive bundle with Bose products including the SoundTouch 300 soundbar, Acoustimass 300 bass module, and the Virtually Invisible 300 speakers. This system can blast a wide variety of high-power and high-quality sound, enhancing both music and movies. So if you're used to hearing ambient sound played too loudly and dialog too softly, this system will let you hear both with absolute clarity. Also, the speakers connect wirelessly to other components so users can place them wherever they want without running unsightly wires around the room. While they do need to be plugged into a power outlet, they connect to the soundbar wirelessly.

Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III and SoundTouch 10

Another Bose bundle combines the SoundTouch 30 Series III and the SoundTouch 10 wireless music systems, both available in either black or white. The SoundTouch 30 is a Wi-Fi speaker built for convenience -- so users can connect to music using Bluetooth and control their music with an easy-to-use app. It connects seamlessly and wirelessly with the SoundTouch 10, a tiny speaker that can nonetheless fill an entire room with amazing, rich sound.