by Joe Henry | January 24, 2017
You're having a party and everything's going great, until you turn on the music to be greeted by tinny, feckless sound seeping out of the cheap audio system you've had since you were a starving college grad.

But, you're no longer starving. Today, you're a high performer at work with incentive awards coming, so it's time for a high class upgrade. But the problem with high-end home audio systems is that it's not one piece. You've got to source the different speakers, the subwoofer, and every other component separately, and you don't have time to research all of that stuff.

Fortunately, incentive marketers have you covered -- and many of them offer bundle packages that let you set up that awesome theatrical surround sound all in one go. Incentive Concepts has Bose's Lifestyle 650 five-speaker home theater system. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful compilation of audio equipment -- each piece designed with smooth, elegant lines.

More important is all the performance packed into a relatively small footprint. The speakers are surprisingly small given the omnidirectional sound that shoots out of them, immersing the entire room in a rich audio experience. And making set-up super easy are the rear speakers, which are wireless. And of course, the whole package comes with a center channel speaker and a powerful wireless bass module.

But what if the party extends into the backyard? In that case, you'll want to consider the summer nights bundle, offered by Rymax Marketing Solutions. This package comes with Klipsch's AWR-650-SM outdoor speaker, camouflaged as a granite boulder. It's good for hot days in the sun too, as it comes with a UV-resistant enclosure. Its insides aren't bad either -- it has a dual voice coil polymer woofer and dual polymer dome tweeters. Rymax's summer nights bundle also comes with a fire pit from Blue Rhino.

But perhaps your ambitions are a little more modest -- you just want to sit back and listen to your Spotify playlists. Not a problem. Just pick up the Sonos PLAY3 all-in-one wireless music streaming speaker. Sonos is an esteemed manufacturer of audio equipment, and the PLAY3 is one of its mid-range products, more powerful than the PLAY1 but not quite as feature rich (or pricy) as the PLAY5 or the Playbar.

That being said, the PLAY3 has three class-d amplifiers, a tweeter and has stunningly deep bass given its small size. And it hooks up with other Sonos speaker systems, so you can use it as the starting block to build your own multi-room sound system.