by Joe Henry | August 01, 2017
Nature is sublime -- both beautiful to behold but, for those who don't plan, dangerous to walk through. As every employer knows, replacing great employees is a drain on time and resources. But stocking some of survival and preparation equipment in a rewards program can ensure your over-performing all stars will stick around, in every sense of the phrase.

Preparation for a long hike outside is always key, and that includes taking stock of fickle weather. The Kaito Voyager Pro is an emergency radio with a flashlight, reading lamp, and smart phone charger. It's powered by either a rechargeable battery, which is included, or can be adapted to accommodate AA alkaline batteries. The radio also persistently displays the date, time, temperature and humidity levels, so you'll always know the environmental situation.

If you're not into stomping around the backcountry but still want to be wary of all that nature might throw your way, there's Midland's WR300 weather radio. Use it -- especially if you're in an area without great cell service -- to stay alert to all sorts of emergency weather conditions in the vicinity. Its warning system can be set to issue a 90 decibel siren, a voice alert, or a simple and silent flashing light. It also has more than 60 emergency alerts and a color-coded alert level indicator, so you know how hazardous the situation might be.

Both radios are available through Power Sales.
Of course, the best way to keep from having to radio for help is to ensure you don't get lost. Check out Garmin's Oregon 750T handheld GPS device, available through Rymax Marketing Services. Yes, your mobile phone has a map app, but these GPS devices are meant for rugged adventures, not downtown shopping trips, and don't require a nearby cell tower.

The Oregon 750T is preloaded with trail maps, is highly sensitive to GPS and GLONASS satellite reception, and includes an electronic compass with an accelerometer and an altimeter. Also, it's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, so -- if a signal is in range -- you can receive notifications and upload data and photos.

For those who are more bikers than walkers, Garmin also has a GPS product: the Edge 820 GPS Cycling Computer, also available through Rymax Marketing Services. The Edge 820 has a heart rate monitor and records metrics related to your riding. It's also preloaded with tons of cycling trails and a memory card so riders can add their own freshly-discovered routes.