by Joe Henry | September 04, 2018
As always, electronics dominated the top product categories for incentive merchants in 2018. And within the electronics category, personal audio devices and wearables remained as hot as ever.

"Apple has been phenomenally strong across the board, led by AirPods," said Jim Valenti, director of merchandising and replenishment at Hinda Incentives

The wireless, Bluetooth-connected buds have been ultra-popular Apple accessories since they came out in December 2016. It comes with a storage capsule that automatically recharges the pods whenever they're inserted, it has proximity sensors so they're easy to add to nearby Apple devices, and it's loaded with touch controls.

"Every month, by volume, they have been the top seller," Valenti said.

But it's not all about Apple. At Incentive Concepts, the Bose QuietComfort 35II wireless noise cancelling headphones have been a top seller, according to marketing manager Andy Hudson. The QC 35II is Bose's high-end, flagship noise cancelling headphone and is available in silver and black. 

It's designed not only for comfort but for the highest sound quality. So, for people who prefer over-the-ear headphones and some peace and quiet while they enjoy their tunes, the QC 35II is the perfect choice. It's available in both silver and black.

Two newer Bose products which have also done very well at Incentive Concepts are the Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds and the Bose Hearphones. The Sleepbuds are actually designed to provide users with a better sleep. They slot comfortably into your ears and come preloaded with soothing sounds to carry you off comfortably to dreamland. Meanwhile, the Bose Hearphones are designed to let users hear more conversation without the interruption of loud ambient noises. 

Beyond audio, activity tracking has and remains a top selling category. "Fitbit is another category that's very strong," said Valenti, noting that the company's new Charge 3 is coming out soon. "People are looking to get into shape and it's a constant battle to look for the next thing that will help them lose weight," Valenti said.