by Alex Palmer | December 12, 2013
Bose SoundTouch plus app 430
Lighter, louder, and less wired are a few trends among the newest and hottest electronic incentive rewards that promise to surprise and excite program participants.

Bose recently released a trio of new wireless home entertainment systems called SoundTouch Wi-Fi that let users stream music from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other portable music player to any SoundLink Wi-Fi-enabled system in any room. The retail range is $399 to $699 and all systems are available from Incentive Concepts ( 

Brookstone ( also offers the Tech-Grip Mobile Mini Speaker for $34.99. It’s compact but packs a lot of volume for those looking to get more sound from their smartphone or tablet. “The Tech-Grip Mobile Mini Speaker is a purposeful product that was engineered to deliver superior sound quality, versatility and exceptional value,” says Robert Ludwig, national sales manager for special markets at Brookstone. 

Whether you’re traveling, jogging, or sleeping, the new UP from Jawbone tracks it all. It’s an elegant wristband that syncs with an iPhone app and can give recipient data about how they eat, move, and sleep by sensing micro-movements. It also tracks calories burned and distances walked, along with food and drink intake, too. It retails for $129 and is available from PMC (