by Joe Henry | July 11, 2018
If there's a brand that's synonymous with capturing memorable moments on the fly, it's Kodak. While the photography world has swung to digital distribution, Kodak's varied printers and cameras bring back some of the magic of handling pictures and images in the real world - while still retaining some digital bells and whistles.

Many of these products are available now through C&A Global, which reps Kodak in the incentive markets.

One of the Kodak products in the category is the Printomatic Instant Print Camera. It's a 10-megapixel camera that instantly prints in either color or black and white. 

"The Kodak instant print camera is a great opening price point entry into the category," said sales manager Peter Kohan. The Printomatic comes in six vibrant colors and uses Zero Ink (ZINK) printing, making it exceptionally easy to use.

Another great product is the Kodak Mini Shot instant camera. While similar to the Printomatic in that it's a combination printer and camera, it has a slightly different look and feel, with more colorful images than ZINK. It uses what's called four pass printing, which means the print passes over the printer four separate times, each adding a different layer of color. 

"The Kodak Mini Shot is our step-up model camera in the Kodak line," Kohan says. "It has a very sharp image." 

The printer can also be used as a printer by connecting to Bluetooth or to a mobile app. 

C&A also has a range of Kodak portable printers to offer including the Mini 2, which uses the same four pass technology as the Mini Shot. The Mini 2, which is about the size of a credit card, fits perfectly in your pocket and provides high-quality waterproof and fingerprint-proof photos in less than a minute. It produces a 2x3 print.

And like the Mini Shot, it can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth.

For slightly larger photos using the same printer technology, check out the Photo Printer Dock, which produces a 4x6 print.

Finally, there's the Scanza, a combination scanner and printer.

"It's great for older audiences who are looking to preserve some of the memories they have or for adult kids who are trying to pour through their family's old archives and preserve their images with modern technology," Kohan says.

C&A's Kodak line though is great for consumers in a wide variety of arenas. 

"It's perfect for kids. It's perfect for people looking to capture their memories at a particular moment or event. Weddings, corporate meetings where you want people to capture the event right there in the moment, as opposed to sharing it in social media. It gives you tangible memories," Kohan says.