by Joe Henry | January 10, 2017
CES 2017 is over and in its wake, as always, is a diverse and exciting range of new products. Many of them will make their way into the hands of consumers, others will remain the electronics industry version of a concept car -- something really cool the engineers dreamed up that the company's finance people will not even consider actually making. Here's a list of notable tech toys that may be their way into the consumer market shortly, if they are not already available.

LG Signature 4K OLED W7

W is for wallpaper, which is about how thin this television is. At 2.57mm, it's about the thickness of your credit card, so naturally all it needs is a few magnets to affix its wall mount. Its light weight also matches its frame -- the 65-inch model comes in at a feathery 17 pounds. So how does the W7 connect to anything? A ribbon cable connects to a soundbar -- which comes with the set -- and it's through that soundbar you can plug in your HDMI cables and other accessories. By the way, if you want another ultra-thin OLED option, Sony's got them too.

Croise Smart Thermometer

If you need to take your kid's temperature, but don't want the accompanying aerobics, Croise's PTD-100 Smart Thermometer might be the ticket. It's a non-contact thermometer, meaning you plug it into your phone's 3.5 earjack (Sorry, iPhone 7 users), and hold it up to your forehead. Soon, the body temperature shows up on your handset. The Smart Thermometer also has a few other features including the ability to save data, and integration with Google Maps, so you can quickly find a hospital or pharmacy.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Sevenhugs began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Five minutes after it showed up on the site, it was fully funded. The concept is simple: One remote to control every smart device in your house. Basically, it's a universal remote on steroids -- so point it at your Samsung TV, and it knows what kind of TV it is and can take control. Same with your Sonos sound bar, or your house's smart lighting system. While you do need to train it on each device first, Sevenhugs connects with 25,000 devices built by major manufacturers including LG, Nest, Xfinity and Roku -- to name just a choice few.

Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took a break from playoff prep to introduce this product himself. Under Armour's TB12 pajamas (TB is of course Brady's initials, and 12 is his uniform number) is designed to reflect something called far infrared (FIR), emitted from your body back onto  you as you sleep, allegedly spurring cell metabolism, removing toxins, and cultivating better sleep. Under Armour has anxiously pointed at a National Institute of Health (NIH) study indicating this isn't all snake oil. We'll let consumers judge for themselves.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches

Fossil's hybrid smartwatch looks like a conventional timepiece but is actually connected, so you can wear a smartwatch without looking like you're wearing one. Fossil is slowly adding new brands to its portfolio, and the latest entrant at CES is the Armani Exchange Connected (pictured above), which will come out in February.


It just wouldn't be a CES story without something wildly over the top. So, have you ever wanted to make a video wall? Sony's Chrystal LED Integrated System (CLEDIS) will get your (very) top winners there. It's an 8K TV that can combine panels, letting you build a display that's as long or as tall as you want it to be. Essentially: a modular TV. Set to come out right before Summer, CLEDIS is admittedly meant more for enterprise customers than consumers. But that doesn't mean that a top seller's home theater room can't go beyond the biggest TV.