by Joe Henry | April 25, 2017
This is a situation incentive recipients have likely found themselves in: They recently bought a 4K television and now their movies play as real as life itself. But there's a problem: the wispy audio leaking from the spit-and-bailing wire audio system they bought in the 90s destroys the immersion.

If they want to make life easy for themselves, they can buy a home theater bundle -- offered by numerous incentive merchants. Power Sales, for instance, aggregates some excellent Yamaha products into the MusicCast Whole Home Entertainment bundle, which comes with a 150 Watt MusicCast AV Receiver, a 7.2 channel sound bar with subwoofer, four compact speakers and two all-weather speakers. And the whole thing can be controlled via mobile app.

It's a fantastic option if incentive recipients want to upgrade their entire house with wireless, high-quality sound.

But maybe they are tinkerers and like to agonize over every element of their home entertainment system, meaning they want to buy things a la carte.

Rymax has a series of home entertainment speakers and subwoofers from Klipsch's popular Reference Premiere line. Want to feel the enveloping power of surround sound? Rymax has both Klipsch RP-250S and RP-240S speakers. Need a center speaker? There's the RP-440C Center Speaker. Or maybe they are dealing with the limitations of fixed speakers? They will want to look into Klipsch's C II in-ceiling speaker. 

But surround sound is more than just a pile of speakers. They will need a powerful A/V receiver in order to make sure each of those channels is pumping the sound quality of their dreams. If they just want basic surround sound, a receiver that supports five channels will be adequate.

On the other hand, if recipients have aspirations to trick out their entire house, they will want something with seven to 11 channels, and that can support multiple surround sound formats. Capitol Sales recently added a real top-of-the-line receiver to its inventory: the Pioneer Elite SC-LX901.

The Elite can drive 850 W of power through 11 channels simultaneously. At the same time, despite all of that output, the hardware is also designed to stay cool to the touch.

And for the plug-and-play enthusiasts, the Elite is both easy to set up, and it ships with Google Chromecast preinstalled, so users can stream audio content directly from their mobile devices into the receiver. 

So if incentive winners have got a full household, with multiple family members waiting to queue up their devices, then the Elite SC-LX901 is meant to accommodate them all.