by Joe Henry | June 13, 2017
If you do something epic on vacation, but there's no video, did it actually happen?

It's a question asked by consumers around the world, and with some excellent action cam offerings available through major camera manufacturers, there's no excuse for a high-performing employee not to be prepared next time they're doing a front flip on their snow skis, water skis, jet ski, or simply off their trampoline.

Want to appease the inner video editor? Canon has some excellent bundles including the EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera video creator kit. The kit comes with a T6i camera, which is excellent for both still photography and video -- so it certainly satisfies the needs of aspiring YouTube stars. It can record in high definition at 1080p at 30 frames per second, or at 720p at 60 frames per second. It's also Wi-Fi and NFC equipped, meaning users can control the camera via downloadable phone app and upload their adventures directly to social media.

The package comes with a mic and a 32 GB SD card. With all of that, it's the perfect package for an enthusiastic amateur photographer or aspiring videographer. 

For something more durable, that can be strapped to a helmet and jostled on a dirt bike, look no further than the Sony AZ1VR Action Cam Mini with Wi-Fi. Sony, of course, is no stranger to the action cam world, but this offering is more compact and lighter than its previous POV cameras. 

Sony miniaturized this device by stripping away some of the features that added bulk to its predecessor, like the video and audio jacks. Yet, the AZ1VR still retains high-quality video, image stabilization, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity that lets the user control the camera settings. For employees whose adventures wear hard on their gear, the AZ1VR is just the ticket.

Another great option is the Nikon KeyMission 80, a waterproof, shatterproof and freezeproof POV camera. Like the Sony AZ1VR, the KeyMission 80 is also lightweight and slim, designed specifically for portability. While the Nikon KeyMission 80 certainly has video capabilities, its design is really biased more toward still photos.

For something super-rugged and waterproof, however, there's the Fujifilm FinePix XP 120. This is one of Fuji's newest cameras, released earlier this year, and it updates the FinePix XP 90. The XP 120 is certainly similar to the XP 90. Both have Wi-Fi connectivity, image stabilization, face detection, time-lapse recording and other features. But the 120 has some notable advantages to the newer model, including a manual focus option, so users can fine-tune their images even more. It's also slightly more waterproof -- up to 65 feet.