by Leo Jakobson | November 04, 2013
Even though iPods, MP3 players, and smartphones have given people the ability to condense a music collection that’s thousands of discs strong into something that fits inside your pocket, a growing number of serious music aficionados have begun turning back to vinyl records for a sound that they say digital tracks just can’t reproduce. There are also many of us of a certain age have refused to throw out those old albums we grew up with.

The DP-200USB, Denon let’s you have your cake and eat it, too. Or carry it on your iPhone, anyway. The fully automatic turntable has an internal MP3 encoder along with a front panel USB port, which easily converts vinyl records to modern MP3 digital audio tracks.

Features of the Denon turntable include sturdy base construction, a rigid die-cast aluminum platter, and a tonearm designed for simple cartridge replacement. Additionally, a built-in pre-amp allows the user to connect to virtually any receiver or integrated amp.

The DP-200USB comes with software that checks the first 15 seconds of each track and searches the extensive Gracenote Internet music tracks database to capture the track’s meta-deta (artist, title, etc.) for your MP3 files. The software also features Auto Track Divide.

The Denon DP-200USB retails for $249. For more information visit Rymax Marketing Services.