by Joe Henry | October 31, 2017
It's only been a couple of years since the price of 3D printers dropped sufficiently to make them a viable product for hobbyist as opposed to businesses or serious amateurs.

A technology with vast implications for the future of manufacturing, 3D printers let you design and build virtually anything -- at the high end of professional 3D printers, even metal objects can be produced.

There is also a vast network of serious hobbyists - often from the "maker" community - that have created a huge stock of free downloadable designs for everything from toys to tools that are suited for the new, more affordable generation of 3D printers.

A great place to start is the Robox 3D Printer with Dual Head Extrusion - which is a mouthful, but what it means is that the Robox is more flexible and allows the creation of more intricate designs because it has two "printing" nozzles that extrude base materials like various plastics and nylon simultaneously. It can also print items using two different materials at the same time, and can put down layers as small as 20 microns.

Because of its dual nozzle system, the Robox increases print speeds by up to 300%, compared to its competitors - so you can produce highly‐detailed objects. The Robox also has an automatic build leveling platform, meaning the bed on which the object is being printed self-adjusts to ensure fidelity. Finally, the Robox comes with AutoMaker software to layout models. This is the perfect entry‐level 3D printer, because a lot of the work is automated, making it ideal for hobby newcomers.

The Robox Dual is available from Rymax Marketing Services.