by Alex Palmer | November 19, 2014
With the holidays in full swing, a popular incentive category for recipients hosting events is fine, eye-catching giftware made of silver and glass.  

Blue Period 
"Our incentive customers have followed retail trends and are looking for quality pieces that reflect their own sense of style and personality," says Spencer Toomey, senior vice president of Luxury Lines by MMSC. Its Annieglass brand is particularly popular among incentive participants for its traditional and statement piece items. The Aquamarine Large Rimmed Bowl ($170) is one popular statement piece. "Inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean, this collection captures reflection and light, and is a great addition to any service."

The customization options offered by Luxury Lines by MMSC are also popular among incentive buyers. "Most inquiries begin with a set budget or an idea around a size or type of setting; the versatility of the collections make the brand really fun to work with," Toomey says.

Say It With Silver 
Diane McCarty, director of sales and customer service for Things Remembered, agrees that personalization is the key ingredient for fine giftware. "Our crystal awards and giftware are designed to accommodate a personalized message that incorporates the recipient's name, company name, and logo, along with an occasion-specific message," says McCarty. "The best part is that these gifts are as useful as they are beautiful and can be used at work or at home."

She points specifically to the company's variety of frames, made with top-quality silver, iron, and other fine materials, and customizable for employees, clients, or the boss. McCarty says there has been a shift toward items that are useful and serve a clear purpose -- gifts that can be used and enjoyed at home or in the office. Retail prices for the frames vary depending on materials and the level of personalization.

Say Cheers 
That desirable combination of practicality and luxuriousness has made Orrefors Kosta Boda's Beer Collection Set one of its most popular new glassware items. The innovative styles of beer glasses come packaged in a set of three -- one of each different style -- or as a set of four of an individual style.

"Customers are looking for luxury-branded products that they aspire to possess, and that represent their personal expression," says Donna Nardella, director of corporate sales for Orrefors Kosta Boda. Stories concerning the product are important, and products need to make a statement. Conversation for the table is what consumers are looking for."

She points out that the beer glasses accomplish this by targeting the burgeoning craft-beer market. The set of three different styles retails for $60.