by Joe Henry | November 05, 2018
It's an unfortunate fact that Autumn and Winter, besides being the busiest time of the year for many people, can be brutal on your skin. So self-care during the colder months is particularly important, and it's important that your employees take time to sit back, unwind and pamper themselves. 

And the perfect gift basket can make doing so all the easier. 

Bath & Body Works has an assortment of fantastic products that can be procured directly from the company's corporate sales page. One of the most sought-after gifts is the Japanese Cherry Blossom white basket gift set, a luxurious collection of that blends scents from pears, cherry blossoms, and sandalwood. 

The basket itself contains lotions designed to relax and delight, including shower gel, body lotion fine fragrance mist and bath fizzy, all of which is artfully arranged in a white basket laced with silver.

If your employee is more of a lavender person, check out Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy Lavender & Cedarwood gift kit. This attractive arrangement is guaranteed to put you into a mood of calming tranquility, such that all of your troubles filter away. It comes with a delightful cedarwood body lotion, a body wash and a three-wick candle wrapped in cellophane and ribbon. 

These aromas are the perfect thing to come home to after a grueling day at work and chilly commute home. 

If you want to combine personal care and comfort with social awareness, pick up gifts from Helping Hand Partners' 1eleven line (pictured). Helping Hands Partners is known for assisting under-served communities and giving people fruitful jobs. 1eleven is one of Helping Hands' social enterprise groups trains and mentors people from under-served communities in Chicago and gives them the skills to advance their careers.

1eleven's product lines include an assort of bath melts and salts -- and giftsets include premium assemblages like the Ajax Spa Set, which has a jar of Dead Sea soaking salts, glycerin bath melts, and an eco-friendly soy wax candle. It comes in four available scents, including lavender, citrus, mint and sea salt. 

For those more into creating a specific ambiance, pick up 1eleven's set of Spark Votive candles, which has four glass candles. Pick the perfect scent to create the best atmosphere for your bathroom -- including lavender, mint, sea salt, and citrus. Each soy candle can light up a room for approximately eight hours.