by Leo Jakobson | February 14, 2014
With the Sochi Winter Olympics upon us, all eyes will be turned to the excitement of skiing and snowboarding. And what better way to bring that excitement home than with a pair of ski goggles with a built-in HD video camera that can record the user’s own runs.

The Zeal Optics HD Camera Goggle, a new line of snow sport goggles offered in the incentive channel by Maui Jim Sunglasses, takes the increasingly popular camcorder from a strap-on unit attached to a helmet, to a small lens in the top center of your goggles.

The 1080p full high definition camera features a wide-angle, 170-degree lens for a full picture of your run. It can also take 12 megapixel still images while moving or standing still. There are glove-friendly buttons on the side o the goggles to control the camera, and an SD memory card records the action.

The top-of-the-line version includes a small viewfinder in the bottom right lens, which lets you see what the camera sees in real time with a quick glance. When not focused on it, the viewfinder is out of the way and does not interfere with your view of the slopes. The HD Camera Goggle retails for $399.

Zeal also offers a line of goggles with built-in GPS that can track speed, altitude, GPS position, jump statistics, temperature, distance, run count, and time. These retail for $299-$499.