by Joe Henry | October 14, 2016
There are few things finer in life than cycling down a quiet, tree-lined path, watching the leaves turn from green to fiery yellows and reds.

But even better? Doing so on a bike built specifically to your riding style and height. It's a unique service provided by Zane's Cycles, and it goes well beyond the usual customization offers, which generally focus on the color and wheel size.

"We do the whole bike sizing," said Warren Weaver, director of national sales at Zane's. "We don't just ask what color you want. We ask: 'How do you ride?' Once you hone in on a bike, it might come in six to eight different sizes. At a department store, they'll only sell by wheel size." 
By contrast, Zane's will take your height and inseam measurements to determine which frame fits best -- then ship it in an easy-to-assemble package. Zane's, which recently partnered with EXP Group, Ltd., also carries Bell helmets among its growing number of lines.

Zane's offers its customization services for its house brand as well as Trek Bicycles, which originated as a mountain bike company but exploded into the road bike world when it became Lance Armstrong's ride of choice during his Tour de France wins -- before his fall from grace. Trek, in other words, is a highly-premium and exclusive brand.   

"Trek is the best-known brand in the independent bike dealer network," Weaver said. "It's not sold at mass market, they don't sell consumer direct or online, and it's got the highest perceived value of any bike in the marketplace." 

While Zane's, according to Weaver, is the only company that offers highly-customized bike-fitting services, there are other popular models available as incentive merchandise. For instance, Shogun is an extremely popular brand, said Ken Pink, director of premium and incentive sales at Kent International

In all, mountain bikes are far and away Kent's most popular product, and while the company stocks a couple of different models, a continual best-seller is the Shogun Rock Mountain. "It's got a cool-looking dual suspension," Pink said, "and the perceived value is very high."

Want something more for the road? Kent licenses GMC's Denali road bikes, which are lightweight and designed for everyday riders -- so it's easy to carry and rack.

And for people who aren't looking for a bike themselves -- but who might want to get their young riders on a first mount -- there's the Razor line. The Rumble, Micro Force, DSX and Kobra models all come with training wheels for kids just starting to figure it out. But for slightly older and more adventurous children -- those who want to work on their tricks or take their adventures off-road -- there's the Razor Nebula and Razor Barrage.

But whichever bike you choose, just remember the most important accessory: Your helmet.