by Joe Henry | August 15, 2017
What's the point of getting in shape if you can't track your progress? Fortunately, there are now a number of options for employees who want to take note of the steps they take and the pounds they shed.

The most popular of the activity trackers is of course Fitbit. And the Fitbit Charge 2 is among the most popular of Fitbit products. This device comes with a heart rate tracker, and it catalogs sleep cycles. But it's also incredibly feature-rich, with personalized exercise modes that display stats in real time, sleep-cycle tracking, and the ability to offer prompts for those at risk of swivel-chair spread, such as 250-step hourly walks and guided breathing sessions. Users can also customize what type of notifications they get on their smartphones - including text and call notifications. 

While the Charge 2 doesn't enable its wearers to read texts, it does at least let them know whether the notification is urgent.

The new Charge 2 is a bit thicker, but it also features a bigger and more intuitive display - so it's perfect for technophobes who want to get in shape but don't want to learn a complicated device to do so. And for the fashion-conscious, easy-to-swap wristbands are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. 

A number of incentive merchandise suppliers stock the Fitbit Charge 2, including Harco Incentives and Capitol Sales.

Another activity tracker option comes from Fossil, via its Misfit Shine 2 line of fitness and sleep trackers, which represent activity and progress with a miminalist ring of multicolored lights. Misfit line features include call and text notification and -- unlike the water-resistant (meaning rain-ready) Fitbit Charge 2 -- it is waterproof enough to have a model designed specifically for swimmers. Get the Charge 2 from Harco.

For a more basic option, there's the SuperSonic Bluetooth activity tracker, a no-frills device that records daytime activity and nightly sleep. It also tracks steps, counts calories, and transmits calls and text notifications. Capitol Sales has the SuperSonic tracker.

Finally, how do you know if all that activity is paying off? A blood pressure monitor is a great tool for keeping vigilant about heart disease, the silent killer of men and women. The Veridian Healthcare SmartHeart wrist monitor, available through Harco, is a great device to keep in the house to track one's blood pressure. Its clinically accurate readings display on a large LCD screen, and it has memory recall so users can average together their last three readings.