by Andrea Doyle | March 26, 2012
In this era of impersonal electronic equipment: laptops, cellular phones, and video games, it is refreshing to get outdoors and play a game like horseshoes with family and friends. It’s simple, indestructible, requires nothing more than hammering a couple of stakes in the ground, and creates fun competition quickly.

The St. Pierre family has been forging authentic pitching horseshoes since 1931. St. Pierre is the largest remaining manufacturer of pitching horseshoes still in the United States. Its horseshoes are all made in the USA and forged of solid steel for balance and control. 

St. Pierre Sports is a Worcester, MA-based company that can custom manufacture horseshoe and bocce ball sets with custom logos and designs. Past custom sets have included Harley Davidson, John Deere, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Rolling Rock. Go to for more information.