by Leo Jakobson | March 30, 2015
It's been a long, hard winter for much of the country. So, as the sun peeks out, it's the perfect time to award your top performers with items that will get them out of the house and actively enjoying the (now) great outdoors.

High-quality, stylish footwear is a must. Patrick Corley, vice president of Event Experiences by Incentive Concepts suggests replacing a room drop with a Nike Custom Shoe Experience. "The team comes on site with a broad selection of sneaker sizes and styles, and makes sure everyone is properly fitted," he says, noting that many shoe companies says people tend to buy sneakers that are too snug. The recipient gets to design every aspect of the sneaker, from the grommets to the tongue," Corley adds. The shoes are delivered within two to four weeks.

"Bikes make great incentives because they represent fun, freedom, and fitness, and, avid rider or not, you can always find a use for a bike in your life," says Warren Weaver, director of sales for Zane's, Inc., the exclusive incentive industry distributor of Trek (pictured) bicycles. He recommends the Trek 7-0 FX fitness hybrid bike, one of the line's best sellers, as a great starter bike. "These offer the speed and agility of a more expensive road bike, while maintaining a more comfortable, and confident riding position for most riders," he says. "These are often sold to people looking to join a riding club or just change up their traditional running fitness program. Many people find a bike a daunting a difficult expense and using an incentive program to obtain one sometimes takes the edge off, and gets a person introduced to the sport." The 7-0 FX has an aluminum frame, lightweight wheels, 21 gears, and powerful linear pull brakes, and retails for $399.

Just about anything you can think of that involves hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and just generally living life not surrounded by four walls can be found at Cabela's, either via a gift card, e-card, or from Cabela's Corporate Outfitters, where it can be embroidered, printed, or laser-engraved with a logo or company message. Catch your dinner with the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo, a tough yet sensitive rod and reel ($49.99); then cook it in Cabela's Premium 7-in-1 Smoker ($199.99), which combines a propane gas and charcoal smoker, gas and charcoal grill, camp stove, deep fryer, and seafood broiler into a single, 19-inch tall unit with a 45,000-BTU burner, push-button starter, and the ability to hold 50 pounds of meat.

Hinda Incentives buyer April Stewart recommends the Wilson US Open tennis racquet, which uses Double Hole technology to add power to every shot and Arc 2 Technology for a stable frame that gives the user better control. Made of fused graphite, it weighs just 10.2 ounces with a 103-inch head size. It retails for $69.99.