by Joe Henry | March 07, 2017
As spring approaches, its time to start offering incentive program winners awards for the backyard. 

For participants who dream of being (or raising) the next Clayton Kershaw, there is Franklin's Flexpro seven-foot by seven-foot multi-sport training net system. It's a tautly-strung net made of highly durable steel and fiberglass, providing a convenient target for you to sling your baseball -- without having to rummage through the bushes to find it afterward. 

The net weighs only six pounds, comes with a carry bag for extra portability, and can be set up quickly and easily. Or maybe they want to be the next David Ortiz. Franklin has you covered there as well, with its Pitch-Rocket pitching machine, the perfect device for honing a meaty swing and helping to improve hand-eye coordination and speed. The Pitch-Rocket fires real baseballs toward you at up to 50 miles per hour, and is the perfect tool for batting practice. Both the Pitch-Rocket and the Flexpro are available through Power Sales and Advertising.

Understandably, not everyone is into high-octane competition. Many people just want a sport they can play without spilling their beer. In that case, consider Escalade Sports' Atomic Nine-Foot Shuffleboard table -- a sturdy table with levelers so users can ensure the surface is even throughout their friendly backyard battles. The table comes with four red pucks, four blue pucks, and a can of shuffleboard wax so they can maintain their sweet glide.

If you want a bar sport that's also Olympic in nature, check out Escalade's Stiga STS 520 table tennis table. It's a professional-quality regulation-size table, with large wheels for easy storage and movement. It has a premium net and an apron to store table tennis balls without much fuss. Both the table tennis table and the shuffleboard table are available through Incentive Concepts.

But for some people the best sport for is one that offers a bit of out-of-the-yard solitude. Harco Incentives offers everything your award recipients need to cast a line with the Blue Frog Be-All and End-All Fishing Package. 

This is a premium fishing bundle that includes four different rod-and-reel combos -- a light power spinning rod and reel, a medium power spinning rod and reel, a low profile baitcast rod and reel or a fly fishing rod and reel -- as well as assorted lures and flies, fishing line, an electric knife, a 50-pound digital fish scale, a large multi-tool, and a Coleman stool, all in a deluxe case.