by Joe Henry | August 21, 2018
When it comes to keeping in shape, your employees don't always need the full home gym setup. Or maybe they just don't have the necessary room to house the coveted weight machines, exercise bikes and treadmills. However, they can still maintain high levels of fitness with simpler, more portable items that be can easily stashed away. 

Consider for instance the Natural Fitness Hot Yoga Kit, available through Incentive Concepts. It includes a mat, towel, cork block, and hemp strap -- and an easy-to-transport traveler bag. All of these items are highly durable and specifically designed for the rigors of a strenuous hot yoga session. 

The cork block is sturdy and is a convenient prop to help yogis and yoginis improve their form. And don't worry about getting it sweaty -- it's naturally non-slip, hydrophobic and resistant to germs. The towel is made of a non-slip microfiber, easy to handle when damp and highly absorbent -- perfect for those vigorous yoga sessions. And the strap, made of hemp, helps improve flexibility and allows its user to practice more complicated poses. And the yoga mat is tough enough to handle long, daily sessions, and is manufactured without toxic chemicals.

But not only is the Natural Fitness Hot Yoga Kit designed for performance, it's made of sustainable materials and is eco-friendly -- perfect for an employee who's interested in minimalizing his or her carbon footprint.

Another great gift is the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board. This is the perfect accessory for employees who must stand for a long period of time, either behind a counter or at a standing desk. The balance board has subtle rocking motions, which keep different muscles along the back, core, legs and ankles engaged even while the user remains sedentary. It's a great device too for promoting proper body position and its base is suitable for both hardwood floors and carpet. 

It's the perfect device to have in-office to improve productivity and stave off fatigue during long days of hard work.

Need something more intensive? No problem: There's the Gaiam Relax Foot Roller, designed to reduce foot pain and relax aching feet. It's curved shape is meant to fit perfectly in to the arch of one's foot and its three rows of spinning balls provide a smooth and delightful foot massage. It's the perfect gift for those whose foot pain might be getting in the way of their ability to function at work.

Both the Gaiam Balance Board and Foot Roller are available through Rymax Marketing Services.