by Joe Henry | January 31, 2017

Jewelry is timeless and is the perfect gift for all seasons. It adds an extra pop to nearly every outfit you're wearing, whether to a formal event or just another drab day at the office. So what better item on which to spend your incentive points? 

Since buying the corporate sales division of the 138-year-old, Montreal-based jewelry manufacturer Birks Group last year, Rideau Recognition Solutions has your incentive program's jewelry needs covered.

"Our jewelry caters to people who seek a timeless, classic aesthetic that can always be worn with pride over a lifetime, regardless of the occasion," said Colleen Howard, merchandise manager of Birks Business. "The jewelry needs to invoke the pride these people took in working for their employer and this pride will be preserved in jewelry that will become heirloom pieces for their families."

And they're versatile too -- with the elegance to add some dazzle to an office environment, the power to add glamor to a night out, and even perfect for the weekend.

"The key to weekend jewelry is let your relaxed personal style shine through," Howard said. "Remember that weekends are not for fussing with complicated pieces that take up precious minutes of free time. You can never fail with a set of silver bangles, a long necklace, a piece studded with gemstones to match your mood or a funky necklace from a foreign land."

One of Howard's personal favorites is the stud and pearl jacket earrings (pictured above) within the Birks Rock and Pearl collection. 

"The silver stud sits on top of the earlobe while the pearls hang down from behind the ear," she said. "These earrings are on point with all of the current fashion jewelry trends."

The Muse Tassel Pendant by Birks

One of the company's most popular items, also within the Birks Rock and Pearl Collection, is an 18-inch silver drop pendant, embellished at the end with a freshwater pearl. Other popular pieces are the silver medallion tassel necklace, from the Birks Muse collection, and the silver bracelet with freshwater pearls, from the Birks Pebble and Pearl collection.

Another engagement provider with a substantial jewelry collection is Michael C. Fina Recognition

 "While employees celebrating a service anniversary have a wide variety of items to choose from through Michael C. Fina Recognition catalogs, jewelry remains one of the most popular choices by employees and is second only to electronics," said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications. "Jewelry, including watches and rings, make up approximately 20 percent of the gifts redeemed through our platform. Our jewelry choices cater to a varietya of personal preferences and our goal is to offer something for everyone."