by Alex Palmer | October 13, 2015
While cotton and silk may be the go-to fabrics for scarves and other incentive apparel, a new product line is aiming to expand these options. Monsoon Corporate Gifts, a Quebec-based business-gift company, has just added scarves made of modal fabric to its customizable incentive offerings. Aiming to provide organizations with durable and affordable options, Monsoon emphasized that the new selection of scarves are also products customers and employees would actually wear. 

"Businesses are constantly on the lookout for corporate gifts that appeal to clients or employees without breaking the bank," J.S. Rangi, president of Monsoon Corporate Gifts told Incentive. "As modal is a type of rayon made by spinning reconstituted beech tree cellulose, production costs are low and eco-friendly. But far from being a rough industrial fabric, modal is, in fact, softer than cotton and silkier than silk without the price tag associated with these materials."

The company has long specialized in custom scarves, ties, and pashminas, but the expansion into modal fabric presents a new choice for organizations looking for an alternative to more delicate materials. Rangi added that the products keep their shape when wet and can be put in the washing machine. 

"Modal scarves are fashionable items that clients or employees will want, and be able, to wear for years, thus ensuring your corporate message stays for the long run," he added.

Rangi gave the example of a software company that gave out more than 1,500 of the scarves and ties to attendees at an international user group event, subtly branding each with the company logo. A large financial corporation used the products as incentives for its workers, providing them to 700 workers for the organization's annual party.

"Modal scarves can easily be incorporated into various types of incentive events," said Rangi. "These scarves can also be used for employee recognition purposes, as gifts for 'employee of the month' programs or to underline special department contributions. In sales incentive meetings, businesses can present employees with modal scarves as gifts for meeting quotas. Finally, institutions can distribute modal scarves during donor recognition events."