by Donna M. Airoldi | August 10, 2010
Miniature golf isn’t just for entertainment anymore. The My Mini Golf set was initially developed in Germany as a tool for youth golf clinics to teach young duffers basic putting skills. Today, however, it’s found in both pro shops and toy stores, and is used by kids and adults alike to build skills and to have fun. And it’s now available in the United States and elsewhere for inclusion in recognition and reward programs through Starting Time Golf, based in Carlsbad, CA.

Users set up their own course, from a single piece for basic aim-and-putt practice, to elaborate “holes” designed with curves and obstacles, depending on how much the golfer wants to be challenged. The product is lightweight, portable, and durable, with pieces made from durable ABS plastic that can withstand severe weather conditions and rough handling, according to Starting Time.

My Mini Golf is available in three different sets, or with pieces sold individually. It can be set up and played year round on any smooth surface, from grass to wood floors to carpeting, and is safe for children 5 years old and up.

A full 19-piece “Professional” set, complete with kids putter and two golf balls, costs $299.95. The “Front Nine” set and “Back Nine” sets are $169.95 each. For ordering or additional information, visit, or call (800) 851-5442.