by Joe Henry | December 19, 2017
Just because the temperature drops to subzero temperatures doesn't mean it's time to stop working out. But getting out to the gym is easier to put off when you have to carry your sneakers and wear your boots. Luckily, incentive suppliers can provide a number of products -- from gear to equipment -- to ensure your star employees can stay fit and lean, even when it's too cold to venture outside.

For the resident yogi or yogini, Incentive Concepts for instance has Lifeline Fitness's Pro Yoga Kit. The bundle comes with a mat, towel, a cork block to provide grip, a hemp strap and a hemp mat bag -- and each item is built to last out of eco-friendly materials. It's the perfect item for yoga newcomers as well as experienced practitioners who want to be able to carry their gear easily, anyplace and anywhere.

For joggers who want their runner's high without getting windburn, there's Life Fitness's Club Series Plus Treadmill, available through Capitol Sales. This type of premium product, usually found at professional gyms, has 22 workout programs, a wireless heart monitor, a progress tracker, and iPod integration. Also, its motor can sustain speeds up to 14 miles per hour. The treadmill's shock absorption is also easier on the knees than asphalt, reducing joint impact by about 30 percent. Bear in mind that this treadmill takes up a lot of space -- but then, with a 22-inch-wide running surface, it's designed to give its users a large amount of room to exercise.

For the non-runners, there's Life Fitness's Row GX Trainer, which can be purchased through Power Sales. It's the perfect machine for people who want a full-body cardio workout. Like the Club Series Treadmill, the Row GX is a commercial-grade rower, with 16 resistance levels for exercisers at all levels. And it's durable as well, accommodating users of up to 330 pounds. Moreover, it has a data base that keeps track of workouts, including calories burned and the time of each workout. Yet at just 135 pounds, it takes up little space, making it easy to transport and store.

For those who need a high-end elliptical machine, there's the Bowflex Max Trainer M7, available through Rymax Marketing Services. The device can provide a full body workout without stressing its user's joints. And it can store up to four profiles, enabling it to deliver a customized experience for each fitness buff.