by Joe Henry | January 08, 2018

When the cold winter winds blow and the only thing you can think about are the way your fingers and toes feel like blocks of hard blue ice, you know it's time to upgrade to warmer mittens and boots.

Fortunately, tons of outerwear manufacturers - including Icebreaker, Marmot, Ugg, Hunter run their own corporate sales programs.

Icebreaker RealFLEECE

Icebreaker's collection include merino wool gloves and mittens, in a style the company calls "RealFLEECE" -- an ultra-soft and comfy alternative to synthetic fleece. The RealFLEECE gloves and mittens are the warmest in the company's collection, and are designed to ensure breathability. For those whose digits are particularly sensitive to the cold, there's RealFLEECE Sierra Mittens. For those who want something with a little more flexibility and dexterity, try the RealFLEECE Sierra Gloves, which have touch screen friendly and have a silicone palm for better grip. 

Meanwhile, Marmot might be known for its heavy-duty snow sports equipment, but it also has a few more casual items perfect for commuters traveling through a deep freeze. Its Windstopper gloves -- available for both men and women -- are fantastic gloves that are deceptively light given how warm they are. They're made of Gore-Tex's new Windstopper membrane to keep out the windchill, and have a reinforced leather palm for durability. 

Hunter Pac Boots

With hands insulated, it's time to turn attention to your feet. Hunter -- whose rainboots are an ubiquitous sight on stormy city streets -- is also famous for its insulated Pac Boots, available for both men and women. The originals were updated in 2017, built to be lighter for those who have miles of snow to tread through. However, it still retains its vintage duck boot look, as well as rubber sole and foot -- so don't worry about salt eating through! -- and a waxed leather upper to keep out the moisture.


Ugg became well-known among women for its classic sheepskin boot -- comfortable, water-and-stain resistant, and warm. And very distinctively styled. While that sheepsking boot -- both a short and long variation -- can be purchased through Ugg's corporate sales, also consider the Fraser, which is much more rugged. It's a lace-up like a hiker boot and has a lug sole for better grip in icier climes. 

Ugg also has a series of cold-weather boots for men, including the Butte, which has a Vibram outsole designed to handle even the most relentless weather conditions. Its leather-and-wool construction will keep feet comfortable and dry no matter how stormy it gets.