by Joe Henry | March 19, 2018
There's nothing more liberating than being able to take to the air after a hard day's work. No wonder the popularity of drones continues to skyrocket.

Perhaps one of the more popular models in recent years is Parrot's Bebop Drone (pictured right), which is built to be both light, highly durable, and portable. It can be controlled by your own mobile phone or tablet, as well as a more conventional drone controller. And it takes some tremendous video with a 14-megapixel fisheye camera and image stabilization, making it perfect as an adventure cam, or to survey the surrounding scenery.

And if things get too hairy, it has a GPS-powered Return Home feature that lets it land where it took off, and an emergency mode that lets the drone land immediately. One can get the Bebop from Lapine Associates.

If the Bebop's sophistication is too much, there's also Parrot's Rolling Spider (pictured left) -- also available from Lapine Associates. This mini-quadcopter is perfect for beginning drone pilots, especially children. It has giant snap-on wheels -- hence the Rolling Spider's name --which both protects its four propellers and lets it roll around the ground like a remote-control car.

Other nifty features sure to delight include the ability to easily do stunts simply by tapping a button. And, when tossed in the air, the Rolling Spider will right itself and start hovering.

Another great drone that can do all sorts of stunts is the Quadrone Quadcopter Sentinel, available through Capitol Sales. It has a mode that lets it execute 360s and quick flips, and can be controlled from up to 1,000 feet away. And don't worry about being reckless with it -- its shock pads are meant to withstand the inevitable bumps and crashes that can come when beginner drone pilots get their hands on a new toy.

Finally, there's the ZeroTech Dobby Pocket Drone Bundle from Harco Incentives. Don't be fooled by the size of this pocket-sized quadcopter. It comes packed with a lot of powerful software including GPS, facial recognition and indoor navigation. It can be controlled by app, or through verbal commands and even gestures. And the Dobby has a powerful 13-megapixel camera that can record 4K video.