by Leo Jakobson | March 05, 2014
The American Heart Association recommends that everyone walk 10,000 steps per day -- that comes out to about five miles -- in order to remain healthy.

Like any other fitness goal, however, that’s very easy to lose track of. One way to keep yourself motivated and on-target is to wear an activity tracker around your wrist to keep track of your progress and help you reach your goals.

Although the Bowflex Boost Activity Tracker keeps track of every step you walk or run, it is more than a simple pedometer. Using a Bluetooth interface, it connects with your computer, smartphone or tablet to let you input you age, weight, height and gender, along with calorie, step, or distance goals. A digital display changes slowly from red to yellow to green over the course of the day as you get closer to your goal. It also monitors your sleep time and activity levels throughout the night.

The Bowflex Boost is water resistant to one meter and retails for $79.99. It is available from Rymax Marketing Services.