by Joe Henry | June 20, 2017

There's nothing better than fleeing the city during the dog days of summer and spending some time camping by a cool lake or relaxing in the canopy of a shaded woods. But for the unprepared, mother nature's warm embrace could soon turn into a cold, miserable experience.

Employers who want to ensure that their employees come home from their weekend excursions rested rather than exhausted can offer up great camping equipment in their incentive programs. Companies like L.L. Bean, REI and Bass Pro Shops all have corporate sales programs to ensure max preparation.

Among L.L. Bean's offerings through its corporate sales department is the Stowaway Day Pack, made of light, tough nylon and available in colors including orange, blue, black, and gray. It has padded foam shoulders and a back panel to maximize comfort, as well as numerous pockets for campers who are more the toss-it-in-a-bag-and-go type. At one pound, it's a high-performance backpack in a compact size.

A bit more versatile is Osprey's Manta AG 36 Hydration Pack. As the name suggests, it comes with a 2.5 liter detachable water bladder. So it's the perfect companion for long hikes, but it also functions as a comfortable daypack for brief outdoor excursions. It's available through REI, which also offers Half Dome 2 backpacking tents. Meant for two backpackers, these tents are designed to be lightweight and to hold up in wind and rain -- so don't let a little soppy weather deter you! Additionally, it's compact so its small footprint makes it highly portable.

But what good is camping if you're also dying from starvation? You can get the Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cook set through Bass Pro Shops' corporate sales department. It's a 19 piece set that lets you serve dinner for up to four hungry campers. It includes stainless steel cookware, place settings, a drying rack and more. Even for people who aren't campers, the Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cook set is ideal for anyone who wants to cook in the outdoors.

Finally, how can you cook without a good portable stove? For campers who want to bask at the power of a spectacular flame, there's Bass Pro Shops' own 2-Burner High Output Propane stove. Powered by any old 16.4 ounce disposable propane cylinder, it has two 25,000 BTU steel burners, electric ignition for matchless lighting, and a heavy-duty grate to carry the weight of particularly heavy cookware.