by Leo Jakobson | November 08, 2016
At the core, any incentive award catalog is designed to excite and entice incentive program participants with brand name items they want but might not be able to justify buying themselves. 

However, sometimes even a large digital awards catalog might not have the item a top performer or valued customer wants, particularly if it something fairly obscure. Like a unicycle. That's where white glove award service providers can bring customized attention that really makes an award into a memorable experience that really cements loyalty. 

That was the experience of Paul Saxer, a frequent business traveler and loyal member of InterContinental Hotels Group's IHG Rewards Club. A unicyclist since his youth, Saxer generally travels with one. 

"I normally have one of my unicycles with me when I stay overnight at your hotels," says Saxer, who adds, "I like Holiday Inn Express because I want a clean, comfortable place to stay. The staff, along with the other guests, are entertained a little as I ride around. Most people have never seen someone actually riding one."

And like most hobbyists, Saxer always has his eye on something newer, better or just different to add to his collection. Recently, that was a Nimbus 36" Oracle Unicycle, which sports the largest single wheel you can get on a unicycle. 

With a lot of IHG Rewards Club points earned over the years, Saxer was looking through the program's catalog when he spotted the IHG Rewards Club Concierge Service, run by reward and recognition firm Maritz Motivation Solutions. Saxer emailed Robyn Heib, who oversees the concierge services, and found that getting what he wanted was no problem.

"I added extra options, bells and whistles to make it custom for me," he says, noting, "Robyn's been as sweet as can be to make sure I got exactly what I wanted."

Which is how Deborah Sleeth, general manager of the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Augusta, GA happened to see him turning figure 8's in the parking lot before heading off for a ride during a recent stay. "Everyone thought it was so cool," she says. "We were amazed at how easily he was moving around."