Apparel and Sporting Goods

Style in Spades

May 07, 2019

Style in Spades Motivate top performers with elegant designer bags and accessories. Crisp, fashion-forward accessories in spring-fresh hues make prized gifts. The Kate Spade Event by Incentive Concepts  lets participants select a satchel, tote, clutch or wallet suited to their tastes.

Why Rain Jackets Can Be Effective Incentive Rewards

by Joe Henry | April 09, 2019
When spring showers strike, these products can be major motivators.

Luxury Purses and Totes Make Great Employee Incentives

by Joe Henry | March 26, 2019
A stylish bag over one's shoulder makes for a reminder of a job well done.

Camping Products to Motivate Employees

by Joe Henry | March 01, 2019
These outdoor accessories will turn incentive participants into happy campers.

Gearing Up for Winter Fun

by Joe Henry | December 06, 2018
These tempting items will warm hearts in cold weather.

Incentive Concepts to Acquire Elite Creations

by Joe Henry | November 19, 2018
The acquisition adds fashion brands to its portfolio.

Time to Dress for Autumn

by Joe Henry | October 01, 2018
As the temperature starts to drop, light, packable layers make great incentive awards.

Little Things For a Healthier Lifestyle

by Joe Henry | August 21, 2018
From yoga equipment to foot rollers, small devices to help improve employees’ wellness.

Layer For Spring

by Joe Henry | March 29, 2018
Keep warm without overheating with these light shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

Taking to the Air

by Joe Henry | March 19, 2018
As drones get easier to control, they have become a popular hobby rather than a fad.

Keeping Fingers and Toes Cozy

by Joe Henry | January 08, 2018
Gloves and boots to keep your top talent from freezing up.

Layering for the Winter

by Joe Ryan | December 21, 2017
Stylish and effective apparel for keeping incentive winners warm.