Luggage & Office Supplies

Better Leather for Top Employees

by Joe Henry | February 11, 2019
From office supplies to fashion accessories, leather goods make for attractive awards.

Apparel & Sporting Goods

Camping Products to Motivate Employees

by Joe Henry | March 01, 2019
These outdoor accessories will turn incentive participants into happy campers.

Electronics & Cameras

Television for Winners

by Joe Henry | February 22, 2019
Today's enhanced home entertainment systems are a hit with incentive recipients.
Home Furnishings & Housewares

Motivational Tools — Literally

These home-improvement toolkits, work tables and more can create long-term inspiration.

Outdoor Entertaining for Winners

High-quality patio furniture and grilling gear will inspire incentive participants.

An Eye-Opening Gift

These coffeemakers will perk up incentive winners.
Watches & Clocks

How Watches Offer a Personal Touch

New watch options connect with individual recipients.

Watch Where You're Going

Traditional styles and colors make a comeback.

Shinola Watches Enter the Incentive Market

The watch company's gifting events have a story to tell as well as a storied name.
Food & Beverage

An Inspiring Feast

Food and beverage incentives for all tastes.

Get Your Holiday Feast On

Food baskets continue to be a hit with incentive recipients.

Get Them Gift Baskets

Whether your recipients prefer sweet, savory or both, these gifts offer a smorgasbord of flavors.
Crystal & Fine China

Not Your Grandpa's Dining Room

Crystal and fine dinnerware is not only a popular award, there are more colorful and playful options along with the classics.

No More 'One-Size-Fits-All' Drinkware

Orrefors Kosta Boda has designed a Beer Collection featuring each craft beer brew glass: IPA, taster, lager, and pilsner. 

Great Incentive Giftware

Customization and practicality drive interest in silver, glass, and fine giftware.
Body & Spa

Treat Yourself

These body and spa products are effective incentive awards.

Care for Thyself

Pamper your winners with these personal grooming goodies.

Incentive Programs Embrace Scents With Soul

Consumers are looking for soaps, candles, and lotions that are natural, simple, and eco-friendly -- and incentive merchandise suppliers are proving happy to...