How to Run a Safety Incentive Program

ON-DEMANDIn this free webcast moderated by Incentive’s Leo Jakobson, guest speakers Cory Worden and George B. Delta, ESQ. teach attendees everything they need to know to run an effective safety incentive program. The session offers a step-by-step guide on how to create the rules structure, promote the program, track participant performance, deliver the awards, and measure the results. (Sponsored by WorkStride)

How to Run an Effective Incentive Program

Whether you’ve just been handed the task of creating an incentive program from scratch or are looking to reinvigorate a long-standing company initiative, Incentive’s free webcast series, How to Run an Effective Incentive Program, will give you a solid understanding of six core types of incentive, engagement, and loyalty programs, as well as offering step-by-step guides on how to plan, execute, and measure the results of your own programs.


The Return of Luxury Travel

ON-DEMAND: In this webcast you will learn why experiences that even highly paid salespeople people can’t get on their own are a key to motivation; how to incorporate luxury without waste; and how to demonstrate the value of well-planned, well-executed incentive travel to your company’s leadership. (Sponsored by Greater Fort Lauderdale) 

What do Incentive Participants Really Want?

ON-DEMAND: This free webcast, moderated by Incentive's Leo Jakobson, reveals key insights from research done by the IRF, Maritz, and other incentive firms into how employees feel about incentive programs, and rewards. You will learn best practices for translating this information into effective incentive strategies from experts in the field of program design. (Sponsored by Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater)