by Alex Palmer | May 30, 2013
Caesars Entertainment AC Room Giveaway

It can be tough to get people’s attention in a place as busy as New York City. But Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City embraced that challenge for a recent consumer promotion, catching plenty of individuals’ attentions by breaking out some body paint and motivating them with the lure of a free room night. 

On May 21, the hospitality brand coordinated four comely “spokesmodels” to outfit themselves in body paint from head to toe and make their way to some of the city’s busiest pockets to catch the attention of potential customers and inform them of Caesars’ summer offerings. 
Each wore body paint in the colors of one of Caesars Entertainment’s four Atlantic City resorts — Caesars, Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s and Showboat — and handed out hotel room key cards that gave each card holder a free room night at one of the brand’s properties (asking only that they call a specific number on the card and pay the room taxes). Each also included a flip-flop bottle opener as a reminder that Atlantic City’s beaches and Boardwalk are open for summer visitors.
“New Yorkers are an important visitor to Atlantic City — they demand the best and expect nothing less,” said Katie Dougherty, director of public relations for Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City. “We wanted to create a buzz-generating stunt that not only caught the eye of New Yorkers but made them stop and pay attention. There is so much action and always something going on in Manhattan so we wanted to make our message colorful and fun.”
The spokesmodels were stationed at such hot spots as Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Wall Street, and Penn Station. And “hot spot” did not refer simply to the area’s popularity — as one of the hottest days of the year thus far, May 21 was a fitting day for the brand to be promoting its summertime offers. 
The promotion led to the giveaway of more than 3,000 key cards, and created some serious buzz from the locals.

“The feedback was amazing. Passersby were stopping the Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City street team left and right for photos and to grab a free room key,” said Dougherty. “There are always a few skeptics, wondering what the catch is, and really, there wasn’t a catch. Call the number, book your room — we just ask that you pay the taxes.”