by Deanna Ting | June 22, 2015
Shared economy pioneer Airbnb, which recently announced that it wants to work more with meeting and incentive planners just recently debuted its first gift card product. The new gift cards, which are available online at are delivered electronically to recipients, and are available for purchase in U.S. dollars currently.

Airbnb announced the new gift card at the 2015 OpenAir developer conference held in San Francisco on June 4. All conference attendees were given a $100 Airbnb gift card that can be used for any Airbnb location around the world.

Recipients who receive an Airbnb card must accept it through an Airbnb account by a certain date and once it's been accepted, the gift card never expires. A U.S. credit card is needed to redeem the gift card. The person who sends the gift card will receive a receipt after making the purchase.

Airbnb is in more than 191 different countries and 34,000 cities worldwide. In just a single night, 400,000 guests will stay at an Airbnb property. The shared economy company itself is valued at $10 billion, and it continues to grow.