by Deanna Ting | July 22, 2015

Organizations that want to build loyalty and motivate their employees and/or clients now have a new option for doing just that: Regal Card membership with Regal Solutions. New York-based Regal Wings, which was established in 2006, offers unique, personalized services that include unpublished premium airfare with every major airline, personal concierge services, and much more. And Regal Wings recently launched the Regal Card, which gives the average traveler access to an exclusive club full of travel perks usually reserved for the rich and famous.

So how does Regal Card work, exactly and how does it pertain to loyalty? spoke to Elliot Schreiber, executive vice president of business development for Regal Wings to find out more.

"Considering that 88 percent of adults belong to a loyalty program, we thought: why not go beyond points and discounts?," says Schreiber. "Why not create a unique and custom loyalty solution that demonstrates an employer's commitment to the employee in every facet of their lives, thus actually building loyalty and creating better retention and better ROI? And thus, the Regal Solutions concept was born."

He notes how the Regal Solutions program assisted one member recently: "We had a Regal Card member who was on his way to a business meeting but forgot his laptop charger, and his battery was completely dead. But he really needed his laptop to deliver his presentation," says Schreiber. "So, he called the personal concierge hotline, which was white labeled by the Regal Solutions client, and asked them to send a courier to the hotel to pick up his charger and bring it to his business meeting."

Personalized 24/7 concierge service is just one of the many services that can be included in a Regal Solutions membership. Organizations purchasing membership cards for recipients can customize exactly which loyalty services they want to provide, as well as even fully white label the card and log-in experience. 

Some of the other services available include the following: 
* Privileges for services related not only to business but leisure and travel, as well
* Organized discounts, offers, and services to enhance the success of their business
* Discounts and rebates for exclusive events, clubs, etc. 
* First- and business-class airfares at rates traditionally reserved for travel agents and corporate travel accounts
* Elite status and discounted car rental rates with Avis
* Exclusive rates with more than 200,000 hotel properties worldwide, as well as other perks and upgrades
* Airport lounge access at more than 700 different locations worldwide
* Full travel insurance coverage for up to $500,000 

"The membership is an actual card with a membership number," says Schreiber. "The individual has a login account to our site and they can take advantage of those certain benefits that are part of their specific membership."

He adds that a number of companies are using Regal Wings membership as incentives, including one of the nation's leading medical suppliers. Other organizations with which Regal Wings is in discussion with include large international financial institutions and large nonprofit and for-profit associations.

At one organization, for example, Regal Wings membership is used as a client loyalty tool. "It's a thank-you to thank their clients for purchasing from their company," Schreiber explains. "For other clients, it's being used as an incentive to reach certain benchmarks." A financial services company in Asia, for example, is considering incentivizing small businesses to pay off their loans by giving them points; when they reach a certain number of points, they receive a Regal Wings membership.

Schreiber also notes that nonprofit associations and organizations can also use Regal Wings membership as a way to enhance a member's membership in that particular organization, and that revenue-sharing platforms can also be negotiated. 

Membership benefits and services are fully customizable for each organization, and organizations can also choose whether or not to renew certain services such as airport lounge access, concierge service, etc., on a yearly basis. While the membership card retails for $495 for consumers including all available services, the loyalty membership price varies depending on each individual organization's set-up with Regal Wings.

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