by Deanna Ting | June 12, 2014
New York-based social gifting company, eGifter, has recently released a new digital gift card platform for small- to medium-size online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The new platform integrates with any e-commerce or point-of-sale technology to provide an easy solution for retailers wanting to start a digital gift card program, and build customer loyalty in the process.

“Many larger brands have digital cards in place, but most small and medium brands haven’t yet come up with a feasible solution,” said Tyler Roye, co-founder and CEO of eGifter. “Together with our partners, eGifter can help any company implement a digital card program.”

With eGifter, retailers can sell and reload digital cards directly from their website, fan page, mobile app, or during in-store during checkout. The platform also provides analytics and has a eporting portal to help retailers better understand customers' gift card uses and preferences. Retailers can also use the platform to issue store credit, and gift card users can also keep track of the total value of their gift cards.

The new platform also includes social gifting, frictionless mobile gifting, and group gifting options, which allow users to split costs of a specific product with friends. To personalize the e-gifting expereience, gift card givers can include a video message or send an animated greeting card with their e-gift card. 

“eGifter is a great partner to help you tap into a more digitally-savvy consumer,” said Roye. “Retailers are discovering that digital cards are a key ingredient in the social marketing mix along with loyalty and special offers. eGifter ties this all together with our affordable world class platform. eGifter has revolutionized gifting with its innovative solutions. You no longer need to know a recipient’s size, color preference or shipping address of to give a thoughtful, personalized gift,” added Roye. “With eGifter they get the gifting experience that comes with a hand-picked item, while maintaining the flexibility of a gift card. This is an ideal outcome for all involved, including the retailer.”