by Deanna Ting | June 17, 2013
Statesville, NC-based TharpeRobbins ( recently debuted new access card programs -- TR Select and TR Choice --that make it easier for employers to recongnize and reward their employee whether to say thanks, congratulations, or happy holidays.
With TR Choice, an organization can pre-selects the award level from a group of gift options. The TR Select program enables companies to place a bulk order for a gift that ranges in price from $15 to $100, and can be distributed to large numbers of employees.
“Because the process of distributing holiday gifts to a large workforce can be daunting to source and administer, TR Select makes the process much simpler,” said Anthony Luciano, TharpeRobbins senior vice president of marketing. “Both programs are cost-effective and impactful methods to celebrate and recognize employees.”

With the TR Choice program, employers can pick a theme, an award level that ranges from $15 to $100, a personalized message, and a specific ship date. Access cards will apply to a corresponding redemption website that TharpeRobbins will set up for that particular employer. With the TR Select program, employers select a price level ($15, $25, $50, $75, or $100) and an item from the selected price level. They can also choose to include a logo on that item and can select the ship date for that reward. Gift options include jewelry, cutlery, backpacks, sporting equipment, picture frames, chocolates, popcorn, headphones, grilling tools, and small electronics. 
“These programs can also be used to celebrate product launches, grand openings, sales goals, corporate initiatives, trade shows and company anniversaries,” says Luciano. “We include price levels to fit all budgets and, of course, pricing includes all fees and shipping. The best thing is that there is no data needed. Each company receives only the access cards and gifts requested, resulting in very little paperwork to manage.”